How to clean Flat top grills complete guide

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Cleaning Flat top grill

I used to be a chef at once, that’s why I had a little knowledge about almost every grill. With this beginning, I have to share a fact that cleaning a Flat top grill is much easier than other types of grills. Cleaning the Grill that we use every day is an important thing. By the way, we must have a clear knowledge about cleaning the grills that we use.

Ways to clean Flat top Grill

  • By using the Dish Washing Liquid and Sponge, which is the traditional way of cleaning the flat top grills by removing all the strain marks of oil and other juice from food remains in the griddle. As the same, you may use soapy water instead of dishwashing liquid.


  • We may also clean our flat top grill by using the vinegar, Make a dilution as half and half of the vinegar then sprinkle the mixture over the grill twice or thrice while the grill is hot which mixed with the junk and strained it out. In the same procedure, we may also use the lemon and water mixture which is a much effective way to clean a grill.

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  • We may polish our grill with a water stream, heat the grill as much as heat, remove all the junks using the grill brush then sprinkle the water over the heated grill and clean it up.


  • We can also clean our grill through the hot oil cleansing method, add certain oil in the preheated grill then scrub the oil in a circular motion by this the oil, and the junks get mixed and form a grease consistent liquid which comes out from the grill easily.


  • We can also use soda water for cleaning our flat top grill, pour a certain amount of soda water on the grill, and scrub in a circular motion using the griddle brick which brings out all the strains.


  • We may remove the strains over the outdoor flat top grill by using the onion, scrubbing the onion all over the heated grill will easily drip out the strains, and it is an effective way for cleaning any type of grill.


  • By spreading out the coffee soak on the surface of the grill will remove all the hard strains from the griddle.


  • You can also clean your flat top grill effectively using the beer, pour a certain amount of beer on a hot surface of the grill, and scrub it with a wire brush will remove the dirt and clean your griddle perfectly.

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