Camp Chef Flat Top Grills Review 2021 – Finest makers of Flat top Grills

I’m not a chef at any restaurants or in hotels, I’m just a cook of my family and I need to cook a large amount of food because of the reason we are family of 6 members

camp chef flat top grills

I had gotten tired by trying a lot of grills with varied griddles, but I wondered why I haven’t tried camp chef flat top grills yet. These camp chef flat-top grills are designed with amazing features.

Really it’s a stunning product which was specially made for the kitchen to do a large piece of work when we planned a family reunion or any other special occasions. 

After Blackstone, this is the most loved brand for the Flat top grill Lovers


Camp chef flat top grills Review

Camp Chef is one of the leading makers when it comes to the flat top grill, though they make lots of Flat top grills, we discuss some of their best inventions.

Camp Chef Flat top Griddle and Grill


The outlook

Its outlook has been designed with stainless steel and it comes with double storing trays. The drip pan can catch all the juice items that leaked from the griddle, which makes your cleaning process much easier. It also an perfect option for the outdoor grilling

Cook with what you want

You can enjoy cooking with both a griddle or grill if you want to cook dishes like snacks and other dishes you can move on with a griddle. Sometimes when we tend to cook the meat items, you can easily remove the griddle and cook with a grill in an open flame.

Cooking surface

The cham chef flat top grills are manufactured with four 12,000 BTU burners which disperse the heat evenly all over the cooking surface of the grill. The dimensions of the griddle are about 36*24*20 inches and it weighs about 139.65 pounds.

The cooking area of the griddle is about 640 square inches and the cooking area of the grill is about 501 square inches which is sufficient to prepare enough food for any seasonal occasions.


  • Designed with features of large folding shelves

  • Saves your effort and time

  • Non-stick surface to cook

  • Slightly huge weighted one.

Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grills Review

The camp chef Tahoe deluxe burner is manufactured with three cast aluminium 30,000 BTU burners for a cooking area of 608 square inches.

Grill to cook

The elaborate cooking surface is enough for cooking multiple times at once, which is specially manufactured for large cooking tasks. It is made with fully adjustable heat controls and will make us comfortable to cook.


Tahoe is manufactured with a matchless ignition technology and it comes with removable legs. The three sides of the grill can be covered with a steel windscreen, which avoids the air that disturbs the burner and keeps the flame constant.


  • With aluminium burners

  • Less weight, easy to handle

  • Designed with windscreens

  • This product is difficult to assemble for some people.

Camp Chef Versatop Portable Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grills Review

Camp chef versa top portable flat top grill which is one of the best outdoor flat top grills. It is specially designed to carry easily while travelling and It is designed with 15,000 burners which emits sufficient heat.

Layout to cook

The griddle of the camp chef versa top was small in size but had the capacity to cook a large amount of food at one time. The area of the grill system is about 247 square inches and the grill is non-stick and it is ready to cook when you want. The dimensions of the product is about 18*17*8 inches. 

Portable one

Camp chef versa top flat grill is small in size and easy to carry anywhere, on that way it is a portable product. Really it is one of the best options when we need a grill outdoors. I’m sure that you all wonder about this feature.


  • Designed with windshields

  • Cook with what you want (griddle or grill)

  • Easy to carry

  • Can’t suites to make big jobs

Camp Chef Big Gas 3 Burner Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grills Review

Camp chef big gas grill is also the best outdoor grill, if you are a frequent traveller then have to say that this camp chef big gas grill can be made for you. It is the product that is recommended by the tourists, evenly for the scout troops can be served by cooking with camp chef big gas grill.


The dimensions of the camp chef big gas grill are about 15.75*24*7 inches and the cooking area are about 608 square inches and Able to remove the levelling legs and designed with fully adjustable heat control knobs. Developed with matchless ignition technology and added a storage shelf and also able to fold it, based on the necessity.


  • Provides surplus wind protection.

  • Sufficient space for cooking.

  • Comes with 3 aluminium burners.

  • Need to know how to assemble it.

Final Words

Though still, some people prefer Blackstone flat top grills, yet camp chef one of the good Flat top grills, you can even try once if you already used Blackstone.