About us

I am pat martin, one of the famous chefs very well known for the grilling skills, hope I atleast given some people the best grills in their life.

And I been a chef for more than 30 years and that too im most specialized in the Grilling, for that sole reason my BBQ restaurant in the town is still running successfully, I hope so.

So with my life with grills for the past 30 years, I have learn a lot of things, spent my time with more than 100 varieties of grills, and personally known lots of famous chefs all over the world.

One thing I was thinking few years ago, even an experienced chef like myself is struggling to find the best grills for the kitchen, how will the normal people will able to select the best grill.

And that thinking made me start this flattopgrillzz website, and I named this site like this because I always use the Flattopgrills for my cooking and here also i am going to give you my knowledge regarding Flattopgrills.

So here I am giving everything about Flat top grills from selecting to cooking, completely about the Flat top grills, and even my cooking secrets too.