Top 10 Best Flat top Grills Review & Buying Guide 2021

I heard lots of people say cooking is something that everyone can do easily, yes even I agree to that but when it comes to bringing the perfect taste to the dish that it should have not everyone can bring that, and that comes by perfection, for bringing out that perfection you need the skill for it and along with that you also need the perfect equipment too.

And that’s why I always prefer Flat Top Grills for my cooking most of the time, and selecting out the best flat top grill is much tougher than I thought, it took me nearly 1 month for me to decide the best flat top grill for my kitchen.

During those one month, I had consulted lots of chefs, gone through 100’s of flat-top grills and travelled a lot visited lots of platforms, and finally I found my flat top grill.

During that one month time, I had learned a lot about flat-top grills and made a lot of mistakes while selecting because grills is a one-time investment that you do for your kitchen for a long time, that’s why choosing the right flat top grill is very important.

Top 10 best Flat top Grills Review

So in order to shorten your time for selection of your flat top grill, I provide you my experience of selecting the flat top grill which took me a month and also tell you everything about the flat top grill selection.

With the experience of checking out manually of more than 100 Flat top grills, here I present you the top 10 best flat top grills among those 100 flat top grills I had come across.

Best Flat Top Grills (Top 10 Collection) 2021



Black Stone 36 inch gas griddle
  • Pricing: $$$
  • Rating: 4.4/5
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Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle and Grill  
  • Pricing: $
  • Rating: 4.3/5


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  • Pricing: $$
  • Rating: 4.6/5


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Royal Gourmet GD401C griddle and grill combo  
  • Pricing: $$
  • Rating: 4.2/5


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Blackstone 28 inch 2 burners Flat Top Gas Griddle
  • Net Area: 28 Sq Ft
  • Burners: Multiple (7)
  • Frame: Steel Grade Aluminium Tubing
  • Pricing: $$$$
  • Rating: 4.5/5
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Blackstone 22 inch Portable Tabletop Gas Griddle  
  • Pricing: $$
  • Rating: 3.7/5


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best flat top grill


Blackstone Tailgater Portable Flat top grill  
  • Pricing: $$$
  • Rating: 3.6/5


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Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler  
  • Pricing: $$$
  • Rating: 3.7/5


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best flat top grill


Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Flat top Grill  
  • Pricing: $
  • Rating: 4.7/5


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Blackstone 1819 Griddle and Charcoal Combo Flat top Grill
  • Pricing: $$$
  • Rating: 4.3/5


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You can pick out your favourite flat top grill by using the above table as a quick tour, lets dive deep to find out more about the best flat top grill.

1.Black Stone 36 inch 4 burner Flat top Gas Griddle Station

Black Stone is one of the leading makers in the grill section and they are very well known for their quality product and they have even given us a best Flat top gas grill too in the form of Black Stone 36 inch 4 burner Flat top grill.

There are lots of reasons why I am considering the Black Stone 36 inch at the first position among all other 10 grills, even though Camp Chef Flat Top grill which actually comes in the second position is equally better to the Black Stone but with an extra added feature Black Stone tops out this top 10 list.

Perfectly Made: With the measurements of 62.5 L x 22 W x 36 H inches and nearly weighs about 120 pounds along with that the important aspect to be noted is the overall cooking area of the grill which is around 720 square inches.

Stainless Steel Burners: Plus it comes with 4 burners each with 15000 BTU with a total capacity of 60000 BTUs and it can be controlled from low to high so that it gives you Best ever cooking of meat and other types of foods.

Propane Fueled – Since the grill is running based on propane gas it is highly recommended since it can cook your dish faster with the perfect taste that your guests want.

Carbon 7 Griddle top – This is the most notable feature of the grill which makes it superior from other grills in the list which is none other than Rolled Carbon 7-gauge Steel Griddle Top which provides Better heat retention and even cooking of your dishes.

Well Equipped: The grill comes with lots of advantages that every cook dreams for like a Bottom shelf and side shelf which provides the user with the removable cutting board which you can use it for chopping and other purposes, along with a paper towel holder and trash bags too as an added advantage which also hooks the most important new rear grease management system.

Wide cooking surface: With a 720 inches grilling surface this grill is a perfect one for a family outing, camping and parties also for restaurant uses too since it is a restaurant-grade grill which makes the griddle perfect for cooking any kind of dishes such as eggs, steak, chicken and anything you wish.

Easily transportable: With a removable griddle top and foldable legs and transportable wheels makes it the best portable grill too where you can even take it for holiday or camping too.

Also, it has a two lock wheel and battery powered push button ignition too.

Long-lasting: To make it long-lasting Blackstone had made it with the powder-coated black steel frame, and thick cold rolled cooktop.

Price: With these excellent features that you won’t get in any grill, it also comes with a reasonable price tag too.


  • Easy to Assemble

  • Portable Grill

  • Fast and even cooking

  • The griddle might be large for some people.

2.Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle and Grill

Here we present the 2nd best Flat top Grill which is equally considered as a winner, on a minor edge Blackstone secures the first position in my list.

If you are looking for a restaurant-grade grill and also want it as a budget-friendly one then it’s going to be a perfect choice for you.

Interchangeable Steel Top – This is one of the best products where you can use it as a grill and griddle since the 20.5″ x 31″ can be easily changed to grill when you don’t want to make scrambled eggs and patty burgers.

And you use the grill when you want to have a great lunch with your family in your garden with the 504 sq.inches grill surface.

Adjustable Steel burners – The product has 4 burners each with a 12000 BT’s which makes it 48000 BT capacity burner and since the burners are made of stainless steel, it gives you a long-lasting warranty so you don’t need to worry about burners getting damaged.

Plus it also has an adjustable burner system so that you can cook different dishes at a different temperature you want with this heat zone system efficiently.

Even Heating – With the excellent even heating to all the surface of the grill and griddle makes it the best restaurant-grade grill.

Extra Gadgets – In order to save your time searching for a place to keep the dishes you prepared, it comes with two extra shelves which you can fold it too if you don’t need it and the push ignition button also makes sure to give the best hassle-free cooking to the users.

And it also has movable wheels so that you can keep the grill indoor during no use and transport it easily to your lawn when you want, with the adjustable leg levers this makes the process completely an easy one too, grease management system with the bucket collection is really an added advantage too actually.

And this is one of the best ever camp chef flat top grill

Pricing – It prices a little bit higher than the Blackstone but for the features the flat top grill provides you, this is really an perfection option to go for.


  • Easily removable griddle top.

  • Grill shelves.

  • Large cooking surface.

  • Difficult to clean.

  • Only two wheels are available to transport.

3.CUISINART CGG-888 Grill 360° Flat top Griddle Cooking Center

When it comes to the kitchen appliances you can’t simply ignore the Cuisinart brand, since they are one of the trusted brands in this field. And they even gave their best product in the flat top grill section too in the name of Cuisinart CGG-888 Flat top Grill.

The name of the product might be a long one as like the quality of the product, but it comes with lots of amazing features.

If you are a family of 3-4 members and don’t want big sized flat top grills like Blackstone and camp chef, Cuisinart CGG-888 is the perfect option that you can try.

Easy Assembly – Unlike Blackstone and camp chef, it’s not going to weigh around 100’s of kilos, even if it’s as light as it looks and you can assemble it much faster too.

Better Heat Control – With two easily adjustable burners giving you a total of 30,000 BTU’s so that you can easily control your heat and cool zones.

360-degree grease pan – And with this feature oversized grease pan naturally allows the grease to funnel to the grease cup for an easy cleaning process.

Stainless Steel Lid – This lid is another awesome feature who wants to bake their dish, or to have some smokey flavour in their dish, plus there is no stress removing the lid and placing it somewhere and once again taking it, since it can be automatically held steady.

Easy Cleaning – When it comes to the Flat top Griddles and Grills cleaning is the most difficult process everyone fears, with CUISINART CGG-888 you don’t need to worry much about it since cleaning is more easier than any other flat top grills in this list.

Price – As like the size of the grill, the price also is a compact one.


  • Compact Size

  • Easily Cleanable.

  • Easy Assembly

  • Difficult to cook for more than 10 people at the same time.

  • Doesn’t have fast ignition features

4.Royal Gourmet GD401C 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Griddle and Grill Combo

If you are not satisfied with the Camp Chef Flat top grill and Griddle combo, then you can look at the Royal Gourmet GD401C which is another good product in this category. And I can definitely say this is one of the best 4 burners flat top grill you can compare with the Blackstone, Campchef.

While looking at lots of branded flat top grills, this grill suddenly caught my attention and that’s why I am including this flat top grill in our list.

Perfect Dimensions – When it comes to Flat top grill selection one of the most important part you have to look at is the Dimensions of the grill, only a grill with the best Dimensions can give you the best cooking, in that wise Royal Gourmet is completely perfect with dimensions of 63.8″ x 22.4″ x 34.6″ inches and weighing nearly 120 pounds.

Plus providing a total of 584 Total inches of cooking space as an added advantage.

Different Cooking Zones – Same as like the Blackstone and camp chef this grill comes with 4 stainless steel burners with 12000 BTUs each for a total of 48000 BTUs which makes it to give different cooking zones on the same griddle so that you can cook different dishes at a different temperature at the same time.

Powder Coated Steel Frame – With the black powder-coated steel frame and also being made with an ergonomic design makes it one of the Best durable Flat top grill in this section.

Detachable Grease Cup – It also has detachable grease cups which also have large capacity makes it better for the cleaning process and it also has a paper towel holder and side stands too for extra support.

2 in one combination – Like the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill it also comes with the grill and griddle combo where you can use it to make eggs and patty burgers on the griddle and if you don’t want it simply remove it and use the grill for your use.

Best for Outdoor Use – If you are a kind of person who loves outdoor cooking more then there is no better Flat Top grill such as Royal Gourmet GB4001 to enjoy outdoor cooking since it comes with simple and sturdy open cart design and lockable and unlockable wheels to move freely.

Pricing – It comes at the best cheapest price in the market of flat top grill with a four-burner system


  • Low cost

  • Powdered coated steel frame

  • Long-Lasting

  • Heavy to lift

  • Difficult to assemble

5.Blackstone 28 inch 2 burner Flat Top Gas Griddle

best Flat top grills review

Are you a family of only 3-4 members and still want to have a better Flat Top Grill and not too big, not too small then the Blackstone 28 inch 2 burner flat top gas griddle is the perfect option.

The reason why you came across many Blackstone grills in the Flat top grills in the section is because, as like I have said before I checked on more than 100’s of flat top grills from local brands to top-selling brands, among all Blackstone, is the only brand providing out varieties of Flat top grill and every one product is a competitor to each other.

This flat top grill is a dream product for anyone, you may wonder why I am placing this grill at the 5th position because of the reason it can be majorly used for home purposes and for restaurant use and for big party use it’s a bit difficult.

Enjoy cooking – Cook delicious foods ranging from eggs, pancakes, steak, potatoes and everything you wish and get the restaurant style taste too easily.

Premium Built – With 28 inches and 470 square inches of cooking surface and it also comes with 2 powerful stainless steel burners with a total of 30000 BTUs each and a Battery operated electric ignition button is what makes us believe it’s a premium built Flat top grill.

High Durability – Flat top Grills are something you can’t buy every year, most of the users including me want their flat top grill to come with them for a long time and for that reason only Blackstone has made their 28-inch grill with thick cold rolled steel top and powder-coated black steel frame to make it long-lasting.

Other features – This 28-inch flat top grill also has some surprising features such as Removable top, wheels for easy transporting, fold up legs to take it for a holiday location, Propane gas holder, shelves and much more.

Pricing – This is the best part of this Blackstone flat top grill, and this is the lowest priced product from Blackstone too.

Final verdict – This Flat top grill is simply an alternative for the Blackstone 36 inch grill if you don’t want a big size grill like that you can go for this which is much more compact.


  • Compact Size

  • Best price in the market

  • Easy cleaning

  • Only two burners present

6.Blackstone 22 inch Portable Tabletop Gas Griddle

best Flat top grills review

Once again the name of Blackstone comes in the list, what can we do if they are giving the best products in the Flat top Grill Section.

Even though it comes as a Table Top Style Griddle still it is one of the favourite choices of the Flat top grill lovers.

This is a griddle that is most suitable for both indoor and outdoor use like if you want to cook for yourselves you can keep it inside and do regular cooking.

On party occasions, you can even take it out and place it on the table and cook for 2-4 members easily like a small family gathering outdoors.

Perfect sizing – Blackstone is actually providing this flat top grill in two variants actually, with one being 22 inches and another version being 17 inches, you can simply choose the best version that you require and also you will get 322 inches of cooking space too.

Heat Zones adjustments – This product comes around with two burners which can be adjusted to create different heat zones so that you can cook different products at different temperatures easily.

Rear Grease Management – This grill has Built-in grease channel which you can’t find in many of the gas grills so that your food won’t catch the grease and also cleaning is made much easier.

Easily movable – This is a type of flat top grill that doesn’t weigh much heavier like other flat top grills where you need wheels to move it, it’s a light grill where you can take it yourself and move anywhere you want.

Price – The price variant starts from $50 to $ 180 based on your needs.


  • Easily portable

  • Rear Grease Management

  • Little cooking space.

7.Blackstone Tailgater Portable Flat top Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

best Flat top grills review

Want to grill some chicken and fish on your grill and also want to cook some patty burgers and steak on the griddle at the same time, but can’t able to find the right flat top grill then the Blackstone’s Tailgater Portable Flat top grill is gonna be the perfect choice for you.

With this grill you can cook your favourite dishes on your griddle and at the same time, you can even grill your favourite food too.

Premium Made – Why we are saying this grill as a premium made is because it has a total cooking space of 512 square inches which includes both the grill and griddle. And it comes with two burners one being an H-tube burner with 15000 BTUs and a cast iron burner with 20000 BTUs making it a perfect cooking medium to your dishes.

Highly Durable – the grill comes with a complete powder-coated finish and also a heavy type grill box with a vent for better air supply and made of complete steel makes it completely durable

Complete Package – This is a type of flat top grill which you won’t get anywhere because in other types of flat top grills mentioned above in the list if you want to change from griddle to grill you have removed then fit things and start again which is really a lot of work, but with the Blackstone Tailgater all the tough jobs are completely eliminated.

Added Bonus – Also the makers of the grill are giving you a satisfaction guarantee, that if you don’t like the product completely after purchase you can return it to them.

Price – The price tag of the product seems to be available at a better price


  • Best multi combo grill available in the market

  • Easily portable

  • Cooking space is less compared to other Flat top grills.

8.Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler


The first electric flat top grill comes out in this category and it is none other than Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddle, if you are kind of person who worries about buying propane gas cylinders and getting charcoal and making them ready for the process, then Cuisinart Electric Griddle is the perfect choice for you. Just switch on and start cooking. It’s as simple as we say.

And it also gives you a 5 in one option where you can do

  • Contact grill.
  • Use it as a griddle.
  • Panini press
  • Full Grill
  • Full Griddle

It’s also an perfect choice for people who prefer indoor cooking rather than outdoor cooking and also for person who wants to take the griddle to wherever they travel, just fold it up and take it with you, but if you want a Flat top grill for both indoor and outdoor then we recommend you to try the above products given in the list based on your requirements.

High end finishing – This electric griddle is actually made up of imported plastics and metals to give you the smooth finishing on both inside and outside of the product. And the heavy cast aluminium is simply Warp-proof

Premium Non-Stick Surface – It also has a premium non-stick surface coating to give the users a complete stick-free cooking and also the cleaning becomes much easier too.

Master Heat Control – With automatic controllable master heat control options you can cook your delicious food at the perfect temperature that the dish needs.

Other features – The griddle comes with removable handles so that it makes cleaning much easier and also can be stored in any space even in most of the standard 18-inch kitchens if the heat control is completely removed then the grid is fully immersible too.

Price – With one year warranty and all other exclusive features it is available at the best price.


  • High-quality finishing

  • Non-stick surface

  • Master heat control

  • Only for indoor use.

  • Less cooking space.

9.Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Flat top Grill

best Flat top grills review

This is next unique Flat top Grill in our list of the top 10 flat top grills, if you are looking for a complete grill package without including the griddle then this Camp Chef Tahoe Deluxe 3 Burner Flat top Grill is the perfect option, and also if you are already having a flat top griddle and looking for only grill option then this will suit you.

Powerful Burners – This flat top grill actually comes with 3 powerful BTU’s with a total of 30000 BTUs making around 90000 Btu’s per hour, and for extra life of burners they are made with the cast aluminium too.

Extra wind Protection – One of the main and common problems you’ll face with the grill is that wind issues and for the particular reason Burner Housing is provided with the grill limit hot and cold spots so that you’ll be getting extra protection from the wind.

Adjustable Heat control dials – With this option you can grill your food at the correct temperature and also it gives the juicy flavour to your meat too and a 30’’ cooking height gives you the perfect position for anyone to cook at this height that anyone needs.

Easily portable – Even though this grill is tough to assemble at first but with the foldable legs feature it is easily transportable to anywhere you want instantly.

Assembly – It is a one-time assembly process but lots of effort and time might be needed to assemble even up to 3 hours.

Price – And it also comes along with an affordable price range without assembly and for expert assembly support you have to pay a lot more.


  • Cast Aluminium Burners

  • Heat control dials

  • Difficult to Assemble

  • Not easily portable

10.Blackstone 1819 Griddle and Charcoal Combo Flat top Grill

best Flat top grills review

If there is one of the simplest and best innovations from Blackstone and it is none other than the Blackstone Griddle and Charcoal Grill Combo Flat top grill.

This flat top combo grill is a perfect option for those who want a gas griddle and charcoal grill if you want a gas griddle and gas grill combo like this one you can check out the Blackstone Tailgater grill above.

If you are hosting a backyard party or big party this grill is perfectly suitable where you can make burgers and steaks, eggs on the gas griddle and also at the same time you can make charcoal smoky flavoured grilled chicken, beef and pork anything you wish instantly.

Dimensions – This product comes with dimensions of Grill Gate with 16’’ * 15.75’’, while the griddle with the dimensions of 17’’ *15.7 which is an ideal dimension for cooking up to 10 persons at the same time.

Longevity – In order to give a better life to the grill for a long time it is made up with the Powder-coated black steel frame, stainless steel burners, thick cold rolled steel cooktops which ensures the product makes you best and tasty dishes for many years.

And the grill gate is adjustable so that you can place it closer or farther away from the coal-based on your cooking style.

Easily Transportable – Most of the basic requirements of grill buyers are that it should be easily movable so that they can move it out during outdoor cooking or party and again during hard climate days get it in, this is what everyone wants actually and that is exactly what Blackstone provides with this grill combo too, thanks to the removable griddle and grill top and two industrial strength caster wheels which helps you to move easily.

Price – And when it comes to price this is something everyone likes this part actually.


  • Multi Combo option

  • Easily transportable.

  • Only two wheels to transport

  • Not available easily.

Special Pick

Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill (Special pick for restaurants and big party usages)

best Flat top grills review

So this is really the best option for you only if you are really serious about grilling and want to cook lots of people at the same time, like at restaurant kitchens and for hosting big size parties.

You can really cook a lot of food at the same time if you have this flat top grill with you and for those people, this is an excellent choice.

Massive Cooking Power – This flat top grill provides you with a massive cooking power with its 8 stainless steel tube burners with 13000 BTUs each providing a total of 104000 BTU’s cooking power. And it also comes with 2 sets of regulators for the stable flame.

Cook Unlimited – With 950 square inches cooking space and 8 burners along with ¼ diameter porcelain wire you can cook and grill nearly 60 burgers or up to 120 hot dogs at the same time.

Everything comes big – As like the cooking space, this flat top grill also has 2 large capacity grease cups, 2 folding side tables, 2 levels of heavy-duty shelves, 4 lockable caster wheels.

Price – As like the size of the product the price also comes big too.


  • Can cook lot of foods at the same time

  • 8 Stainless Steel Burners

  • Electric push Start

  • Difficult to transport

  • I need a lot of fuel to cook.

Other Flat top Grills which is good to check

So above given flat top grills are the best ones recommended out by us, and also being used by lots of people, but here we like to review about two other flat top grill products not most of the people look at, but still an best option to go for, since we have personally used this flat top grills and recommending to you guys

Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Flat top grill

This is another one great innovation from the Royal Gourmet in the flat top grill section in the model name of PD1300, this is most recommended for people with medium-sized family and want a propane gas flat top grill

Multiple Variants – The first and primary thing to mention is that it comes with two different variants, one with two burners and another one with three burners since there is not much price difference we suggest you go with the three-burner version by paying few extra bucks.

Three Burners- As like said above it comes with three burners each of having 9000 BTU’s capacity which helps you to cook your dish faster and tastier.

Enough Cooking Space – Coming with the dimensions of 24.1”L x 13.5”W, 325.9, you can easily cook for 4-5 people at the same time.

Enamel Griddle Top – Since it is coming with porcelain enamel griddle top, it gives you an much easier option to clean your grill top.

Steel Control Panel – With this another feature, it is completely an added advantage for you guys since, you can easy control your cooking heat with Piezo Ignition System.

Convenient Cleaning – With a separate grease collector cup, cleaning becomes very much easier since it collects oil while you cook.


  • Easy cleaning

  • Triple Burners

  • The cooking area might be small for someone

Why are Flat top grills better than other grill types?

Flat top grills are something that was in existence for more than hundreds of years even before the entry of these big giants such as Blackstone, Campchef, Royal Gourmet Making advanced flat top grills.

During those times they used rocks as the griddles and flat top grills but now time changed you can just cook and grill your food on Flat top instantly whenever you want.

And not only that there are lots of advantages flat top grills provide which makes the people prefer these types of grills such as Providing a large cooking surface so that you can easily cook for lots of people at the same time. Plus these types of grills are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking and also a perfect one for party time occasions too.

After using the Flat top grills you can easily clean those grills with no issues and preparation time also becomes much easier with this type of grill, because for charcoal grills the process is much bigger and takes time actually.

Cleaning tips for Flat top grills

So let’s assume you are hosting a night party in your backyard or somewhere else and now you are doing the cooking part with your flat top grill and then the party ends, now it’s time to wrap up and you look at the grill. It’s kind of really messy with oil and grease on it.

Plus also you need to clean it a better way or else the surface of your grill might get affected so that you need to do that in a perfect way and that’s why if you are a beginner to this we suggest you to follow the correct ways

First, remove the debris and grease on the surface using a metal scrubber and make sure you do it gently. After that remove that debris with the help of a paper towel.

Once done wash the surface using hot water and make sure it’s not too hot, this will help you to remove any residue to come easily.

Next, remove the water on the surface using a Scrubber pad and this is the final process to remove all the debris on the surface.

Finally, Once again use the paper towel to clean the surface to finish the process.

Things to look into while buying Flat top grill

Size of the Grill – This is the most important basic factor that you need to look at initially because there are various types of Flat top grills available in the market with different sizes so that you need to decide how many people are in your family and are you hosting parties regularly.

By asking these questions to yourself you can find out the right size for your flat top grill because the price increases based on the size of the grill so choose wisely.

No of burners – Burners are the one that decides the cooking of the dish because if you are griddle and grill size is big and you have only two burners then your dish is not gonna cook fully, also the BTU of the burner is also very important, for an average size grill 2 burners are enough, and the flat top grill comes with Single burner, two burners, three burners, four-burner, six-burner, eight burners.

If you are buying a flat top grill for your family use then two burners itself is enough and for party and camping usage four burners is ideal, for big parties and restaurants you can go for six and eight burners.

Location and type of grill – Also decide where you gonna cook the most if you are a person who cooks most indoor then choose indoor flat top grill and for most outdoor usage choose outdoor flat top grill types.

If you want a flat top grill for both indoor and outdoor usage choose the best portable flat top grill and also little in size.

Types of Flat top Grill

You may ask whether Flat top Grill itself is a type of grill and what are the types the Flat top grill has got, there are some varieties in the Flat top Grills too.

Flat top Gas Grills

This is the most choice of the Flat top Grills users, and most the Flat top Grills in the market are Flat top Gas Grills only.

Basically, these types of grills operate on the propane gas tanks and can provide you faster and hassle-free cooking.

Flat top Charcoal Grills

As the name says it is Charcoal based Flat top Grills, though not too many Flat top Charcoal Grills available in the market still are preferred by some people.

Flat top Electric Grills

These types of grills are mostly designed for indoor use because you know electric Flat top grills are much better one for indoor flat top grill uses.

Flat top Griddle and Grill Combo

These are another type of option for Flat top Grill lovers where you can use your grills and griddles in the same product.

Flat top Grill Accessories

After purchasing your flat top grill, you also kind of need accessories to make it a complete one such as Brush, paper towel, Scrubber, Tongs, Spatula, Fork, Plates, Cleaning Brush, Grill Press and also griddles for the flat top grill

My personal Choice

This is the most difficult part in the whole list and as I said, it really takes me one month to pick out a decision of getting my Flat top grills, so actually I have bought three flat top grills, one for my home kitchen and another two for my restaurant usage.

Since I am a person living with my wife and three daughter and two sons, even my mother and father also living with me and every week my uncles and aunt visit us, basically it’s a big family and every weekend we do a backyard dinner, considering all these things for my home I have brought the Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle and Grill 600.

And for my restaurant, it’s a really good moving restaurant where most of the time we get housefull reservations so for that reason I had bought two Flat top grills.

  1. Black Stone 36 inch 4 burners Flat top Gas Griddle Station
  2. Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Liquid Propane Event Gas Grill

It’s not necessary for you to purchase these flat top grills I had bought, you read the review of all other flat top grills in the list and make your choice.


Which is the best Flat top Grill Electric or Gas?

This highly depends on your need actually, if you kind of wants a Flat top Grill for more indoor use we would suggest Electric grill and for more outdoor use definitely, it would be gas.

Is it easy to clean the Flat top Grill?

We can’t really say neither it is easy nor it is tough but with the proper method you can clean it easily.

Why Flat top grills cost so much?

Since they are providing you lots of features and also it comes for a long time, more importantly, you can cook for more people that’s why it costs much actually.

Common Difference Between Griddle and Grill?

This is a part still most of the people make a decision, because sometimes they want a grill but they order a griddle without knowing the difference, so a griddle is something where you can’t grill your food, but can cook foods like bacon, eggs, tacos, bread while on the grill you can grill your favourite meat, veggies anything you want.

Wrapping up

That’s the end of this long review best 10 flat top grills, and I hope that you picked up your Best Flat top Grill from my experience, do subscribe to Flat Top Grills for more such updates.